What’s So Great About the vivo s1 pro?

What’s So Great About the vivo s1 pro?

The OXO Smartphones from Sony Ericsson are considered to be one of the best Smartphones in the market today. The OXO has several unique features that are quite similar to the ones provided by its big brothers – Nokia, Samsung and HTC. For example, it offers a user-friendly interface, a wide screen and plenty of memory.

Apart from that, the vivo s1 pro also offers a unique diamond shaped camera lens that takes high resolution pictures. Moreover, the handset comes with two modes, namely, photo and video. In both the modes, the OXO uses the Hybrid Image Professional mode, enabling the users to switch between the camera and video modes. The OXO has a large screen as well, measured at 4.5 inches and it has capacitive text input and a 16 mega pixel resolution.

The vivo s1 pro offers the users several unique features such as, optical zoom, panoramic imaging, digital image stabilization and manual focus. The OXO also has four customizable Quick Panel buttons, namely, which controls the on-screen functions such as, battery, clock, volume and power. One of the biggest selling points of this smartphone is the large, 16 mega-pixel, front-mounted, capacitive touch screen. It enables the user to browse through various options such as the Google Maps, Wi-Fi, calculator, contact list and many other options.

The rear camera on the OXO is called the Live Color camera and it can capture images in the white or black color range. In the OXO S1 pro, you get a secondary camera which is called as the Flip cam. This secondary camera can be used to add some fun to your daily life and even enhance the photos that you take. Another amazing feature of the OXO s1 pro is the proximity sensor, which helps the users to instantly focus and preview images when taking videos.

This smartphone comes with a huge amount of exciting features and exciting capabilities, such as, Android OS 3.2, GPS, Wifi, expandable memory, MMS, HD  vivo s1 pro video, expandable memory and a nice big high resolution screen. The vivo s1 pro has a spacious 8 mega-pixels camera along with fives great image quality. You can also get an easel to hold your smartphone while shooting the perfect shots. A nice large battery and a high density screen help you to enjoy your time in the palm of your hands.

The vivid color of the vivo s1 pro smartphone gives you the chance to experiment with the advanced photographic functions. It will allow you to snap stunningly clear photos in an artistic way. If you are looking for something new and different, this is the ideal choice. You can download various apps, such as, HTC store, Google play, Facebook etc. All these applications will help you to enjoy the best of what the android mobile market has to offer and at the same time, make the most of your money.

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